North West Fusion Group

Our Mission:

Providing support in the use of C4FM across North West England and the UK/worldwide.

The home of WiresX Room: NWFG (44222) and Reflector YSF42222 (GB NWFG).

NWFG has a number of repeaters and gateways supporting us in buildingĀ a small network to provide North West Lancashire and South Cumbria with a C4FM service available for local licenced radio amateurs to talk across the area. Our WiresX room and YSF reflector provide worldwide access to licenced Amateurs with internet linked Fusion access to speak with licenced amateurs.
Continuing support and promotion of C4FM as a mode in addition to FM on WOTA and SOTA activation and chasing.

Actively promoting simplex and internet connected nets using C4FM.

To support and update a set of ‘standard channels’ to assist Lancastrian and South Cumbrian based amateurs to access all locally available gateways and repeaters on both FM and C4FM, VHF and UHF,

Ian G0VGS answers the question, what is NWFG?