Good News Story

North West Fusion Group is proud to announce the launch of our second network primarily for the use of the members of The Blind Veterans Amateur Radio Society. Members of the society have regular morning nets on 80m SSB but due to current HF conditions, some of their members identified a need for a second way of using Amateur Radio.

After support and advice from Doc, G4ZJO in Morecambe, Lancashire, an active and very supportive member of The North West Fusion Group, we have now completed the instigation of a Yaesu WiresX room, number 44222, named BLIND-VETS–NWFG. This is linked to YSF42233-GB BLIND-VETS-Blind Veterans Reflector available through most hotspots.

The first contact after testing by our Admin team was between Andy, 2E0THP, and Doc, G4ZJO this afternoon, 3/7/2020.

The main North West Fusion Group Network remains unaffected and there may be short periods where the Blind Vets network is down, these will be kept to a minimum and will only be for minor technical changes to take place.

To learn more about The Blind Veterans Amateur Radio Society check out their website.

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