Located in the lovely coastal town of Fleetwood, Lancashire is GB7FD North West Fusion Groups first repeater.

GB7FD covers most of Blackpool, North Fylde, and Morecambe Bay plus the Western side of Cumbria, including Barrow and the Western Lake District.

Permanently linked to Wires-X Room 44222 and Reflector YSF44222 (GB NWFG2), GB7FD is the backbone of the NWFG Network.

The repeater keeper Ray M0RGV enjoys experimenting with different links and cross-mode operations and is always willing to listen to suggestions or improvements.

Band: 70CM (DVU58)

Output frequency: 439.7250 MHz
RX Frequency: 430.7250 MHz (-9 MHz)

You can contact Ray using: ray (at)

Mobile Station Coverage Prediction

GB7FD Coverage Map
GB7FD Coverage Map

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