Important YSF Reflector Change

For Hotspot and similar reflector connected devices:

In our continuous drive to improve North West Fusion Group and to provide users with the very best experience and superb audio, we have created a brand new reflector. The new reflector is called (YSF) GB-NWFG2 However, from 13/04/2023, GB-NWFG numbered 26499 will be disconnected from the North West Fusion group. To make things easier for everyone we have selected a number for the new reflector that is the same as the new WiresX room number: 44222. The new reflector, GB-NWFG2 YSF44222 is available now and we ask that you migrate as soon as you can in order that you are ready for the disconnection of the old reflector. You may need to perform an ‘’update’’ on your Hotspot before you can see the reflector available. We thank you in advance and appreciate everyone who uses our network.

Pi-Star users only need to click update from their dashboard. If you have NWFG set as your YSF Startup Host on the configuration page you will need to change this to YSF44222 – GB-NWFG2

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